Lockdown Home School – Day Three

Bright eyed and bushy tailed. I slept well and managed to rattle through work late last night. Feel on top of things. 

Boiled eggs for the two schizophrenics this morning, but they only peck at them. I laid out Cerberus’ clothing this morning on his bed and he dresses without asking. This is progress although I’d bet he has his underpants on backwards, like a thong. 

I ask Mrs M about work and what she has on today. Being an American, she’s neither shy nor backward. She says work can “kiss her ass” if they expect her to do three jobs at once. Mentally I try to work out the meaning. I think she was inferring “children, you and the day job”. Best not push it. There’s a sinister look about her today which denotes murderous intent. 

We clock into class, receive a chirpy cartoon from Mrs E which barks the word ‘hello’ into their tiny heads around 75 times, and find there’s a numeracy video plus a music lesson. That’s optimistic, my mind tells me. 

Turns out I was correct. As a warm up today I rearrange part of yesterday’s lesson – writing and placing the days of the week in order – as our warm up. It’s “stupid”, and “I don’t care” feature heavily in the boy’s warm up vocal. On to the numeracy lesson. Half way through we come to 7+2 and he answers 8. I breathe deeply, envisioning myself as Buddha as I try to correct. I suggest we use fingers to count. The total still comes to 8. Making the mistake of advising that Mrs E is watching our every move he tosses his pencil across the room, leaps of the chair and is gone. It is 10am. I don’t even bother to check what the afternoon lesson was for today. School is out.

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