School of Lockdown

“The only lockdown diary you need to read..”

Home School – Day Twenty-Three

My day began with the postman bringing me a pipe. Not, unlike a surprising number of village residents (we discovered this during last year’s Thursday clap), of the bag variety; rather the traditional smoking version. During lockdown cigarette ingestion has swollen to unsustainable levels. In spring and summer 2020, add vats of gin, whisky andContinue reading “Home School – Day Twenty-Three”

Home School – Day Twenty-Two

The jungle drums have been beating since Scotland’s glorious leader granted a few of her subjects permission to attend school from next week. That mercifully includes Cerberus; Medusa will similarly be dispatched back to her nosebleedingly expensive nursery.  Any fool who wiggles an eyebrow at barbaric parents who send their beloved tots into full timeContinue reading “Home School – Day Twenty-Two”

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